IUST Projects

Open organization for student by students for show casing their work and mentoring each other on graduate studies

Iran University of Science and Technology

IUST Projects is an open GitHub organization with a focus on showcasing and maintaining projects created at Iran University of Science and Technology. This website and its organization is maintained by its true owners, the students and the contributors outside of the university, so no, this is not an official university website and it is open to anybody who wants to join!

At IUST, there is no open discussion of ideas, mostly transferred and enforced by instructors and policies of the university which made the environment unpleasant that barely you would find a group of people sharing ideas even related to curriculum. I learned so much from open-source and discussions with almost all students during bachelor’s study and we decided to create a friendly, competitive and constructive atmosphere, hence created this organization open to everyone! Unfortunately, we failed!

Our contribution can be summarized into:

  • Hosting assignments, course notes, curriculum, etc of software engineering and artificial intelligence majors
  • Theoretical and implementation of solutions to assignments of different courses such as:
  • Mentoring students in their studies, such as choosing supervisors, crafting research proposal and thesis content, and so on.

You can find more info on Github and the website.


The IUST Projects website and its GitHub organization was initially created by my awesome friend Aryan Ebrahimpour and me.